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Airbag Impact Sensor Wiring Harness - JEEP LIBERTY CHEROKEE How to install airbag impact sensor Hey guys I have a 2006 jeep Liberty Limited with a bag airbag sensor and wiring. The wiring harness from the seats contains a LOT of wires. airbags power seat heated cooled etc.. B0085 00 LF Side Impact Sensor No Additional Information. Diagnose and fix a B0084-00 service airbag message. inspect the wiring harness. New front end sensor 13502744. Buy a new front end sensor 13502744 from Amazon. Diagnose and fix B0085 trouble code. GM also uses crash sensors inside the front doors. These sensors detect air. Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra Air Bag Questions. domerdel We trouble shooted the wiring and sensor,we found the wirring harness had been damaged in the accident, at the front sensor under the radiator support. we replaced the front impact sensor and wiring harness new from GM. we cleared the code and it imediately comes back On Same Code.

Wiring Diagram Data: Hummer Wiring Diagram » 2006 Hummer H2 Airbag Sensor Diagram. 2006 H2 Airbag Sensor • Air Bag Light Came For No Reason Hummer Enthusiast • Part Hummer Front Sensor H2 Partnumber 10370148 • Repair Guide Air Bag Supplemental Restraint System 2006 • Repair Guide Air Bag Supplemental Restraint System Sensing • 20082009 Hummer H2 Genuine Oem Air Bag Airbag Impact. Disconnect the negative battery cable, remove the plastic skid plate's 15 mm bolts, disconnect the wiring harness on the air bag sensor - the harness has a pin holding the connector in place - then remove the bolt with a 10mm wrench. Installation is reversal of this process.. How to Remove a Steering Wheel Airbag Safely. There are four or more impact sensors around the vehicle which send a signal to the main SRS (safety restraint system) computer in case of an accident. Be careful to not pull it out quickly because the wiring harness connector for the horn and deployment controls will still be attached to.

i have a 2006 dodge grand caravan. i am looking for a pigtail wiring harness for the front impact sensor. the sensor part number is XXXXX the connector and sensor both corroded. i already have a new sensor, but need a new connector. AutoZone Repair Guide for your Chassis Electrical Air Bag (supplemental Restraint System) Disarming & Arming. (CPA) (2) from the front end sensor harness connector (3). Disconnect the front end sensor harness connector (3) from the front end sensor (1). Disconnect the left roof rail module wiring harness yellow connector (2) from the. Safety Recall S76 -- Front Impact Sensor Wires Page 12 41. Relocate the left front impact sensor wiring pigtail by pulling it rearward to the next wire harness takeout as shown (Figure 16). 42. Tape the left front impact sensor wiring pigtail to the wire harness bundle and make the pigtail length 120mm (4.75in) (Figure 16)..

Dorman Products - 590-200 : Impact Sensors- Front Bumper. Our Impact Sensor reliably signals the vehicle's onboard computer system during sudden, extreme deceleration - helping the computer to determine whether or not airbag deployment is necessary.. Buy Dodge Grand Caravan SENSOR. Front, Side. Air Bag, Impact, Side Airbag Impact. GenMultistage, BagsNext - OEM Dodge Part # 04671779AC (05127696AF, 04671779AB, 05127697AF). 21, 22 Side air bag wiring harness fi Left side air bag module Repair or replace side air bag 23, 24 Side air bag wiring harness fi Side air bag module (R.H.) wiring harness. 34, 35, 36 Side air bag wiring harness fi Floor wiring harness fi Side impact sensor (L.H.) Repair or replace each wiring harness. 40, 41, 42.

In the second 2008 incident, 2001-2002 Elantras were recalled due to a potential problem with the side impact airbag wiring harness mounted under each front seat. Apparently, material placed under the front seats could cause the wiring harness to malfunction, which could prevent the airbags from deploying in a crash.. warning light in the instrument cluster, 2 front impact sensors, 2 safety sensors, air bag module, inflator (located in air bag), roll connector (clockspring), control unit and associated wiring harnesses. See Fig. 1. During a front-end collision, the front impact sensor(s) internal roller is thrown forward. The roller completes an electrical.

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